Borgo Press

Paupers' Press

Borgo Press has ceased trading. As their one-time UK agent we still have very small quantities of the following books:

Literary criticism

Brian W. Aldiss by Michael R. Collings. 1986. 115p. £11.95.


The Work of Brian W. Aldiss: an annotated bibliography and guide by Margaret Aldiss. 1992.

360p. £17.95.

The Space Odysseys of Arthur C. Clarke by George Edgar Slusser. 1978.  64p. £6.95.

The Classic Years of Robert A. Heinlein by George Edgar Slusser. 1977.  64p. £9.95.

Literary Voices no.1: interviews with Alex Haley, Christopher Isherwood, Jessica Mitford,

Richard Armour and Robert Anton Wilson. 1980. 64p. £6.95.

C. S. Lewis by Brian Murphy. 1984. 95p. £11.95.

The Haunted Man: the strange genius of David Lindsay by Colin Wilson. 1979. 64p. £6.95.

Libido into Literature: the 'Primera Epoca' of Benito Perez Galdos by Clark M. Zlotchew. 1993.

136p. £12.95.

The Work of Ian Watson: an annotated bibliography and guide by Douglas A. Mackey. 1989.

148p. £11.95.

Colin Wilson: the Outsider and Beyond by Clifford P. Bendau. 1979. 64p. £6.95. 


Literary Voices no.2: Interviews with Britain's Angry Young Men, John Braine, John Wain,

Bill Hopkins, Colin Wilson and Kingsley Amis by Dale Salwak. 1984. 96p. £7.95.


The work of Colin Wilson: an annotated bibliography and guide by Colin Stanley. 1989. 312p.

£5.00 (Signed by author).

Confessions of a Trekaholic: a new look at the Next Generation by Hilary Palencar. 1996. 120p.


Victorian criticism of American Writers: a guide to British criticism of American Writers in the

leading British periodicals of the Victorian period by Arnella K. Turner. 1991. 456p.



Generous Rafaela: a novel by Juan Valera. 1994. 187p. £14.95.

Sansato (Reprint of Fleshspots of Sansato) by William F. Temple. 1998. 160p. £14.95.


The Jewish Holocaust: an annotated guide to books in English by Marty Bloomberg.  1995.

312p. 2nd.ed. £20.95.

First Century Palestinian Judaism: a bibliography by David Ray Bourquin, 1990. 104p. £11.95.

Deathman pass me by: two years on Death Row by Philip Brasfield. 1983. 96p. £8.95.

The Future of the Space Program: discussions with 22 Science-Fiction writers by

Jeffrey M. Elliot, 1981. 64p. £7.95.

A Wayfarer in a world in Upheaval by Bernard L. Ginsburg, 1993. 128p. £12.95.

The Chinese Economy by Robert Goehlert, & Anthony C. Stamatoplos, 1995. 240p. £17.95.