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Published March 11, 2019

Two new Colin Wilson Studies 


CW Study #28: Philip Coulthard

The Lurker at the Indifference Threshold


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CW Study #29: Vaughan Rapatahana

More than the Existentialist Outsider


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Published January 28,

A fascinating discarded 40-page autobiographical introduction to his 1972 book on the psychology of murder Order of Assassins.



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The Man Without Qualities (Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften 1930–43) is a three-volume unfinished modernist novel by the Austrian writer Robert Musil (1880-1942), considered by Colin Wilson to be “…one of the most important of the twentieth century, and takes its place beside Ulysses and Remembrance of Things Past.”

Brendan McNamee’s “personal and probably quite idiosyncratic response” to the mystical strain in the novel was originally written “as a means of helping me come to grips with the book’s often quite dense and difficult philosophising.”

Simon Critchley has written “Literature is the name of that place where the issue of religious disappointment is thought through.”  Brendan McNamee asserts that “nowhere is it thought through with more forensic and painstaking thoroughness, not to mention exuberant style and humour, than in Musil’s great novel.”



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 This book aims to contribute to a fuller and fairer understanding of Amis’s work. It looks closely at both his fiction and nonfiction so far and at the review and critical responses these have aroused. Without at all denying the multiple excitations and provocations that Amis’s writing offers, it seeks to offer a thoughtful and thorough exploration and assessment of an oeuvre without which contemporary Anglophone literature and cultural life would be much the poorer.



324p. Paper. £16.95

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Colin Wilson:  Lulu: an unfinished novel

with an Introduction by Vaughan Rapatahana


Colin Wilson started writing Lulu in the late 1950s and continued to work on it throughout the 1960s. In the mid-1970s it was commissioned by the BBC for serialisation but despite this he was unable to bring the project to fruition and it was eventually abandoned. 176 pages survived in manuscript and are presented here with notes and an Introductory essay by Vaughan Rapatahana.


Colin Wilson Studies #27


184p., Paper, £9.95

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This contains the full text of the memoir by Charles Compton Street (aka Charles Russell/Belchier) on which the first part of Adrift in Soho was based. Also Colin Wilson's unpublished 'Author's Note' to the novel; the text of his article 'My Night With the Beatniks' published in the Sunday Dispatch on January 15, 1961; Sidney Campion on Adrift... and an essay by the editor Colin Stanley on the writing of the novel.

Colin Wilson Study #26


88p., Paper, £8.95

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Colin Wilson (1931-2013), best known for studies such as The Outsider (1956), Introduction to the New Existentialism (1966), The Occult (1971), considered his fiction to be an integral part of his oeuvre, often deliberately linking a novel to a specific work of non-fiction. A stimulating blend of ideas and entertainment, students of Colin Wilson the philosopher, and of existentialism  in general, are well-advised to seek out and acquaint themselves with this fiction.

  Nicolas Tredell's definitive study not only provides plot summaries and authoritative assessments of all Wilson's published novels and short fiction, but also includes sections on unpublished, proposed and incomplete work. It updates, and considerably expands, the previous editions published in 1982 and 2007.

  ISBN 9780956866363

  v, 554p., Paper, £17.95.

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